Loa newbie

After 15 years of LOA with countless books, seminars, coaches, and experiments, I had manifesting block a time or two.

For my early days

1. Chill out.

Start now with what you know. You can polish it later. 

Too much info can paralyzed you and make you work too hard.

A little negative thought is fine.
2. Keep it to yourself.

Don’t let other people spoil your good time. 

Keep playing, and your like-minded friends will comes.
3. Trust your inspired action.

Even if its not logic or make sense.
It always don’t.
4. Relax a little.

Celebrate the wins as they come. 
5. Remember the point.

Learning to manipulate reality so you can feel better

The point is just to feel better. 

Get happy and feel good. It’s that simple.

  • Focus on feelings over thoughts can help a person accelerate their learning curve.
  • “Stop working so hard!!!”
  • Be grateful for everything. 
  • action was created only to enjoy manifestations, not create things.” – Abe